VIVA Healthy Hemp Swiss Chocolates from Cloud 9 Switzerland

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Health, wellbeing, and product innovation are key values in Cloud 9 Switzerland’s philosophy. Providing premium hemp consumer health products for the wellness health food market, we recognize the positive impact medicinal plants can have on health and wellbeing.

Among our offerings is our flagship superfood ​​VIVA Healthy Hemp Swiss Chocolate Bars. Whether it’s our VIVA Hempseed Oil Chocolate Bars or our VIVA 50 CBD Chocolate Bars, both have become a popular means for consuming the natural benefits of hemp. And who doesn’t like chocolate, after all?

Keep reading to find out all about VIVA Healthy Hemp Dark Swiss Chocolate Bars and the benefits of Hempseed Oil and CBD for overall health and wellbeing.


VIVA Healthy Hemp Swiss Chocolate: From farm to palette

VIVA chocolates are the first regulatory compliant Hemp Swiss chocolate bars. Made in Switzerland by a team of master chocolatiers who’ve perfected the art of creating perfect, delectable chocolate combined with botanicals known for their therapeutic properties. But before it reaches European shores, where is our cocoa sourced from?

Here at Cloud 9, we believe in the importance of sustainable farming and ethical chocolate production.

VIVA chocolates are made with cacao beans sourced directly from sustainable chocolate farmers in Colombia, Ecuador and Ghana. VIVA beans come from Ghana and our VIVA 50 CBD bars feature a QR code explaining the direct sourcing by our cocoa processor who pays an above average market price for the farmer’s crop and how our supplier works with farmers to use good agricultural practices.

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The VIVA Chocolate Range

We have two types of Chocolate: VIVA with cold-pressed Hempseed Oil and VIVA 50 with a hemp extract containing CBD. VIVA has 60% Cocoa content and VIVA 50 has 52% Cocoa content. Both are premium dark chocolates that appeal to chocolate lovers.

There are three delectable flavors to choose from: Dark Plain for original chocolate lovers, Orange & Ginger for a hint of citrus spice, and Moringa & Mint for a fresh flavorful burst. Our botanicals are expertly balanced to make for an elegant taste experience.

All our bars are vegan, gluten free, dairy free, non-GMO — catering to discerning dietary requirements.


How VIVA Hemp Chocolate can help you

Cold-pressed Hempseed Oil and hemp CBD extracts and chocolate offer numerous health benefits for consumers. Dark chocolate is considered the healthiest of chocolates due to the higher amounts of natural antioxidants, minerals and fibre when compared to milk and white chocolates. You’ll be happy to know that dark chocolate are extremely nutritious!

We recognize the superior quality and healthiness of dark chocolate, which is why all our healthy hemp chocolate bars are made with the best quality dark chocolate produced in Switzerland. 

VIVA Chocolate

What are the benefits of Hemp? 

Several scientific studies and clinical trials have demonstrated the healthy benefits and properties of Hempseed Oil and CBD and more studies are ongoing. As we continue to learn more about how essential fatty acids and cannabinoids interact with our body we can look forward to new health and wellness applications.

The natural Hemp Seed Oil and CBD extracts we use do not contain any psychotropic substance THC and therefore our chocolates do not produce a “high” for the consumer.

More information on the healthy benefits of hemp can be found here.

Check out the selection of VIVA Healthy Hemp Swiss Chocolates available at our selected retailers to enjoy the numerous benefits of hemp for health and wellbeing. And, if you have any questions click on the image below to contact us and one of our experts will get back to you!book a call CTA