VIVA 50 Healthy Hemp Swiss Chocolates

The VIVA 50 Healthy Hemp Premium Swiss Chocolate is made with sustainably sourced cocoa with hemp and other botanicals in a 50g bar of dark Swiss chocolate with 50mg Cannabidiol CBD. It comes in three flavour references: Dark Plain, Orange & Ginger, Moringa & Mint. 

VIVA 50 Healthy Hemp Premium Swiss Chocolate

VIVA 50 is our Premium Therapeutic Chocolate with 50mg of Hemp cold-pressed bio-organic Cannabidiol and botanicals known for their therapeutic properties. Our 50g bars contain all the healthy nutrients of dark chocolate and the combined botanicals. VIVA 50 comes in three flavours: Plain Dark, Dark Orange & Ginger and Dark Moringa & Mint. Our Cocoa is sourced from farmers in Colombia, Ecuador and Ghana. Direct sourcing ensures the farmers obtain an above average market price for their crop and also means a better interaction with the farmers for good agricultural practices. The Cocoa content is 52% which is neither too bitter nor too sweet. VIVA 50 bars are Swiss Handmade by master chocolatiers perfecting the art of fine Swiss chocolates since 1898.

VIVA 50 are Vegan, Gluten free, Dairy free, Non-GMO. 

VIVA 50 is also made from Halal and Kosher-Dairy certified chocolate. 

VIVA 50 do not contain any of the psychotropic cannabinoid THC. 

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