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VIVA is made with unrefined cold-pressed Hempseed Oil and VIVA 50 bars are made with broad spectrum Hemp extract containing 50mg natural Cannabidiol CBD from EU-certified Hemp. While both Hemp and Cannabis are from the Cannabis Sativa L plant, Hemp is differentiated from Cannabis by the content of Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol which is the molecule that gives you the high. The European Union’s Common Catalogue of Varieties of Agricultural Plant Species defines hemp as having a maximum of 0.2% THC content (0.3% from 1st Jan 2023). In our hemp seed oil and broad spectrum hemp extract there is NO THC.

Yes, hemp seed oil is rich in the essential Omega-3 fatty acid and Vitamin E and helps in the reduction of triglycerides and the regulation of cholesterol levels, improves joint function, skin health and counteracts menstrual cycle disorders. VIVA Healthy Hemp Premium Swiss Chocolate is made with cold-pressed hemp seed oil and contributes 10% of an adult’s daily requirements in Omega-3.

You can store your VIVA 50 or VIVA Chocolate bars in a cool 8-18°C, dry and odorless place. The shelflife is 12 months.

VIVA 50 and VIVA Healthy Hemp Premium Swiss Chocolate bars do contain soy lecithin. While we do not use any dairy or nut product by precaution we must say they “may” contain milk (lactose) and hazelnuts, almonds and other nuts. All production equipment is cleaned before and after each batch and every precaution is made to avoid cross-contamination inside our facilities.

While for non-medical use there is no recognised international standard on a maximum consumption limit, the UK’s Food Standards Agency advised no more than a 70mg per day consumption of CBD. There is 50mg of Cannabidiol CBD in our VIVA 50 Healthy Hemp Swiss Chocolate and each square contains 5mg so you can manage your own daily dosage according to your needs.

CBD is the abbreviation for Cannabidiol, one of the many cannabinoids or class of chemical compounds that is found in the Cannabis Sativa L plant and other plants such as cocoa, black pepper, echinacea, some varieties of sunflower etc. Even our body produces cannabinoids known as Endocannabinoids while those from the plants are known as Phytocannabinoids. There are also cannabinoids that are synthesized called synthetic cannabinoids.

Hemp oil has no cannabidiol or CBD content and is made by cold-pressing the hemp seeds, rich in Omega-fatty acids. CBD oil is made from the extraction of the CBD compound from the biomass of flowers, leaves and stalks of the hemp plant and usually mixed with hemp seed oil, coconut oil or other oils as a carrier.

At present, there are no studies that show the negative effects of consuming a lot of CBD from consumer health or food products. You cannot get high from CBD as it has no psychotropic effect. It does not have the potential for abuse and no public health related problems have been reported with the use of pure CBD. Studies are on-going and we advise you to consume the amount that your body and mind feels comfortable with.

CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory and there are many studies that have shown that CBD products can help with sleep, anxiety, neuropathic pain, depression and inflammation.

Since there is no THC (the psychoactive ingredient in Cannabis) in our VIVA 50 and VIVA Chocolate bars, there is no “high effect”. Our VIVA 50 Chocolate bars are made with 50 mg of Cannabidiol CBD and our VIVA Chocolate bars are made with cold-pressed hemp seed oil, two ingredients that are beneficial to your health and wellbeing and will not give any “high effect”.

Yes, our VIVA Chocolate is made with cold-pressed hemp seed oil and our VIVA 50 Chocolate with 50 mg Cannabidiol CBD which has zero THC, the ingredient that is analysed in drug tests.

CBD is not a narcotic nor a controlled or banned substance in Switzerland, the EU nor in Canada the US. In November 2020 the European Union’s Court of Justice decided the trade of CBD between member states is not to be restricted and CBD is not a narcotic nor pose any significant public health risk. Within many of the US States and in many countries around the world the use of CBD in foodstuffs is not restricted. At this time the US FDA has not yet given approval for CBD use in Food products at Federal level. The authorities in the EU and UK are in the process of evaluating hundreds of novel food applications for CBD and we should see the first CBD ingredients and food products receiving NF authorisations by 2022/23.

No, the CBD and hemp seed oil used in our VIVA 50 and VIVA Chocolate bars does not change the flavor and taste of the chocolate, in fact, they enhance the taste and we think make the chocolate more enjoyable!

Hemp cultivation, processing and consumption is legal in the EU and Switzerland and in many countries around the world. In the US, the Farm Bill of 2018 made hemp federally legal to cultivate and process.  Visit our FAQ page from time to time and our Cloud 9 Journal to get the latest updates on the regulations on hemp and CBD use in Europe, the US and other countries.

Yes, in addition to the routine QC controls on both VIVA and VIVA 50 in our production each batch of our VIVA 50 Chocolate bars are also tested by an accredited independent laboratory for Cannabinoid content.

Dr Francis Scanlan launched Cloud 9 Switzerland in July 2017 and has invested considerable time and energy in laying a strong foundation of knowledge and expertise leveraging core strengths in product development, manufacturing and regulatory compliance. The Cloud 9 Switzerland credo is that safety, quality, and regulatory compliance are non-negotiable, and the Cloud 9 Switzerland work ethic is to do the right thing right the first time. This led to the development and creation of the finest hemp and CBD chocolate bars in the world.