Dr Francis Scanlan Featured Speaker at Cannabis Business Expo in Zurich

Dr Francis Scanlan Featured Speaker at Cannabis Business Expo in Zurich

In September last year, the first edition of the Cannabis Business Expo and Conference took place in Zurich. CLOUD 9 Switzerland founder and CEO Dr Francis Scanlan was a speaker at the event, and took part in a panel discussion about the current state of CBD and novel food. Dr Scanlan has more than two decades of professional experience working in the food and beverage industry, developing successful consumer products for FMCG companies around the world.

CLOUD 9 Switzerland is a life sciences company specialising in premium hemp consumer health products for the health and wellness market. While living in Jamaica during the cannabis legislation reform that decriminalised marijuana and birthed a thriving consumer health market, Dr Scanlan was inspired to establish a business for CBD products in Switzerland.

Today, CLOUD 9 Switzerland enters the market as a leading provider of hemp consumer health products and CBD edibles including delicious VIVA chocolates – healthy hemp Swiss chocolates sourced and made ethically and sustainably.

Keep reading to find out more about the event and what Dr Scanlan had to say.

The first Cannabis Business Expo

On September 11th and 12th 2021, the first ever Cannabis Business Expo and Conference occurred. 

Organised by the Cannatrade team, the event hosted some of the largest cannabis companies from Switzerland, other European countries, and many countries from further afield at StageOne, an ultra-modern exhibition hall in the city of Zurich. Companies present at the event represented activities relating to CBD, cannabis cultivation, medical cannabis legislation, CBD accessories, and more.


The expo focused on the representation and discussion of topics like CBD, medical cannabis, growing, and paraphernalia products, as well as services related to the industry. Companies could present themselves at the expo, introducing their ethos, products, brands, and services by setting up a stand or sponsoring the event. It was also a great opportunity for industry professionals or those seeking to expand activities in the field to network and meet new business contacts.

Switzerland’s latest legislation at the time meant that Zurich was an exciting and poignant location for hosting the event. Amendments to Swiss legislation widened the scope for the potential to produce and import CBD and THC products in Switzerland, as well as for selling on the global market.

Dr Francis Scanlan featured as a speaker at the “Current state of Affairs Concerning CBD and Novel Food” event

One of the highlights of the 2021 CB Expo was a panel discussion titled the “Current State of Affairs Concerning CBD and Novel Food”, at which CLOUD 9 Switzerland founder Dr Francis Scanlan was a featured speaker. The discussion was moderated by Daniel Haymann (MLL). Those who spoke alongside Scanlan were Fabiano Orelli (Federal Food Safety Office), Kai-Friedrich Niermann (KFN+ Law Office), Dr. Miguel Guttentag (CBD-Test), Lukas Brunner (Grünkraft).


The speakers discussed the current CBD regulations around the world, comparing how other countries’ approaches compare to that of Switzerland.

During the discussion, Dr Scanlan asserted that the protection of public health is one of the most important factors to consider as countries outline regulations for CBD products and medical cannabis. While discussing the current Swiss regulations for CBD, Dr Scanlan commented that Switzerland is operating in a “grey zone”, where everyone agrees that CBD isn’t harmful for health when consumed in controlled dosages, but remains in a fragmented environment where regulations, particularly for businesses operating in the field, are still shrouded in mist.

Dr Scanlan went on to compare the current state of affairs in Switzerland to other countries in the EU, with the likes of France revising its regulations and the Czech Republic selling food products with CBD.

His question to the other panellists and the general public was “Why doesn’t Switzerland lead the way?” He then delved into the nuances behind why companies applying for approval to sell foodstuffs products with CBD in Switzerland continue to be problematic, suggesting that many CBD products are taken off the shelves or recalled because they exceed CBD thresholds.

Other event highlights and discussions

Over the two days that the expo took place, there were plenty of fascinating talks from industry professionals and thought leaders from the cannabis industry.

There were talks focusing on Swiss politics, including “The growing and export of medical cannabis to and from Switzerland” and, where speakers discussed the rise of medical cannabis in Switzerland, and “Pilot project on ‘Experimental items: Switzerland begins the controlled supply of cannabis containing over 1% THC to leisure consumers” about the revolutionary pilot projects currently taking place.

Swiss politics

Other informative talks focused on CBD market analysis about the market development in Switzerland and Europe, as well as the financial state of the European cannabis market and discussions about the future and global trends in the cannabis industry.

Additionally, educational events took place where speakers discussed topics such as the cultivation/selection, growing, harvesting, processing, and trade of cannabis.

Over the span of two days, attendees were treated to a range of fascinating discussions about the present conditions and future of cannabis in Switzerland and the rest of the world.


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CLOUD 9 Switzerland is leading the Swiss market for premium hemp consumer health products and CBD chocolate. Its flagship product, VIVA healthy hemp Swiss chocolate, leads the market for sustainable and ethical chocolate infused with CBD.


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