CLOUD 9 Switzerland Founder, Dr.Francis Scanlan Featured at the 2021 International Cannabis Business Conference

2021 International Cannabis Business Conference

The annual International Cannabis Business Conference took place from the 26th-27th August in sunny Berlin this year. The conference was a huge success, attracting entrepreneurs and policymakers from over 80 countries. This year, CLOUD 9 Switzerland’s founder Dr. Francis Scanlan was a featured speaker at the event.

The largest B2B trade event in Europe, this event connects dynamic businesses with potential investors in the cannabis industry. The cannabis conference provided a space for cannabis industry businesses to explore policies and trends in the cannabis industry, promote themselves and raise capital, discover curated investment opportunities, and network with other industry leaders to form valuable long-term partnerships. 

Introducing Dr. Francis Scanlan and CLOUD 9 Switzerland

Dr. Scanlan is the founder of CLOUD 9 Switzerland,  a health & wellness company that has developed and commercializes premium Healthy Hemp Swiss chocolates. CLOUD 9’s signature confectionery brand is VIVA, delicious and healthy hemp chocolate bars made in Switzerland. Dr. Scanlan has over two decades of professional experience in the food and beverage industry and has developed numerous successful consumer products for international FMCG companies.

Conference highlight: Understanding Novel Food, a panel discussion with Dr. Francis Scanlan 

A highlight of the International Cannabis Business Conference was an afternoon panel discussion titled “Understanding Novel Food”.

Dr. Francis Scanlan

Along with co-panelists Kai-Friedrich Niermann, founder of KFN+ Law Office, and Marjeta Česen, Chief Regulatory Affairs Officer at Pharmahemp, Dr. Scanlan provided an update from a food manufacturer’s perspective on the regulatory frameworks and national laws that impact the commercialization of innovative hemp food products in the EU, UK and Switzerland. The production of CBD food products in countries like Switzerland, UK and EU is subject to Novel Foods authorization. The panelists debated the possibility of a future market where the use of CBD ingredients in food will be authorized allowing for the prospect of a harmonised European market for hemp CBD consumer products.


Event highlights and other key speakers

Day 1: Key speakers and highlight 

The 2021 Berlin International Cannabis Business Conference began bright and early with an introduction by the event’s executive producer Alex Rogers at 8:45 am. Rogers provided an overview of the conference program, getting the audience measurably excited for the events that were to follow.

The conference, spanning two days, involved speakers from over 80 countries discussing a range of topics including —but definitely not limited to— the upcoming German election, medical cannabis, the emerging cannabis industry in the EU, cannabis and hemp investment, cannabis technologies, and much more.

The first day began with a conference by Peter Homburg, partner at Denton’s law firm and head of the European Cannabis Group, discussing the latest and most important information regarding Germany and Europe’s cannabis regulations and current trends. The current status is that Germany allows the legal use of medical cannabis and forbids recreational use. Homburg discussed the national cultivation of medical cannabis and theorized about the potential harmonization of cannabis products in the EU.

Homburg’s fascinating introduction was followed up by a panel discussion focusing on the upcoming elections in Germany. The panel was formed of six public policy experts representing Germany’s main political parties who debated several topics including the future of medical cannabis policy in Germany, hemp’s role as a sustainable raw material, framework conditions for CBD and cannabinoids, and more. The fascinating talk was followed up by another captivating panel discussion on cannabis pharmacy in Germany. Medical cannabis was legalized for the German market just four years ago, and the market continues to develop rapidly with pharmacies as the main medical cannabis outlets in the country. The panel discussed the current distribution model, sharing insightful opinions and suggestions regarding current problems and how to improve performance and supply.

There was plenty more discussed before the afternoon break, including navigating the German cannabis market as a business and the unique challenges it poses in terms of distribution, import/export, and regulations.

2021 International Cannabis Business Conference

Day 2: Key speakers and highlight 

The excitement continued on the second day of the International Cannabis Business Conference. Speakers and guests returned for another day of intriguing discussions and insights into the German cannabis market.

The day began with keynote speaker Giadha DeCarcer speaking about macro trends in the cannabis industry, such as non-endemic brands entering the market and the implications this poses. Following up DeCarcer was Nic Easley, CEO of Multiverse Capital, who examined the post-pandemic competitive EU cannabis market and what is required to thrive as a business operating within it. Nic examined new opportunities in the cannabis market and explored trends within Germany, Europe, and the international market to examine successes and failures.

Following this were many more talks and discussions regarding the current cannabis market and emerging trends in Europe. The focus then turned to the importance of medical cannabis education with a panel of four experts who discussed the best ways to reduce the stigma of cannabis as a proven medicine. Another highlight of the day was a panel discussion examining the road to cannabis legalization in Italy and what it would look like if the hypothesized new government were to be elected. Then, the focus shifted to cannabis technology and the role it plays in shaping the future potential of the industry.

The 2021 International Cannabis Business Conference wrapped up with a discussion about the future of the global cannabis industry as it becomes normalized for markets and consumers. The final event from Euromonitor focused on the important role of marketing and media in distinguishing brands in today’s competitive cannabis industry.


Find out more about CLOUD 9 Switzerland

Get to know more about CLOUD 9 Switzerland and discover the inspiring story on how the company started with the flagship product VIVA Healthy Hemp Swiss Chocolates developed by Dr.Francis Scanlan


On August 19th, 2021, Dr.Scanlan made a donation of Cloud 9’s VIVA 50 Healthy Swiss CBD Chocolate to the President of the Multiple Myeloma Association of Jamaica for a new experiment using CBD with their members; and ​on August 20th, 2021, he donated the Alpha-Cat Cannabinoid Test Kit to The National Council on Drug Abuse of the Jamaican Ministry of Health.


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