The Story of Cloud 9 Switzerland: Dr. Scanlan’s Journey into the Consumer Health Industry

Cloud 9 Switzerland: Dr. Scanlan’s Journey into the Nutraceutical Industry

Cloud 9 Switzerland has emerged as a leader in the European market for consumer health dedicated cannabis and CBD products. All great businesses have to start somewhere, and the inspiration for Cloud 9 Switzerland is a fascinating story. Today, we’re sharing the story of how Dr Francis Scanlan founded and established Cloud 9 Switzerland, from its inception to where the company stands today and the exciting future ahead.

Where did the idea for Cloud 9 Switzerland originate?

Like a seed grows into a tree (or into a cannabis plant), great business ideas take time to nurture and grow. 

Cloud 9 Switzerland is a leader in the European market for consumer health and CBD products. So what inspired Dr. Francis Scanlan to embark on a journey into cannabis products? Let’s find out.

Cloud 9 was launched in 2017, but the concept occurred to Dr. Scanlan while he was living in Jamaica in 2015. During his time spent there working for an international corporation, Scanlan first noticed the numerous medicinal plants on offer and the high level of Jamaican’s understanding of the healthy virtues of botanicals.

Call it fate or simply good timing, but Dr. Scanlan happened to be in Jamaica while it was undergoing a huge legislative reform that would change the country’s relationship with cannabis forever.

The Jamaican cannabis legislation reform

Since the arrival of the cannabis plant brought by East Indian labourers in the 1800s, Jamaica has long been viewed as a mecca of cannabis culture. The country is home to fertile soil and an ideal climate for cultivating cannabis plants, so it’s not surprising that cannabis or ganja has played an important part in Jamaican culture for two centuries. Additionally, Rastafarianism, a religion that originated in Jamaica during the 1930s, regarded ganja as playing an essential role in meditation and enlightenment.

The Jamaican cannabis legislation reform

What is surprising, however, is that the cultivation, selling, and consumption of cannabis was illegal in Jamaica right up until 2015, when the Jamaican government announced changes to the Dangerous Drugs Act that would decriminalize cannabis possession of up to two ounces for personal consumption and medical use.

In January 2015, Jamaica announced a bill that established a cannabis licensing authority to focus on regulating the cultivation, sale, and distribution of ganja for medical, scientific, and therapeutic intentions.

Dr. Scanlan was inspired by the forward-thinking changes taking place in Jamaica.

These developments made him realize that there was a burgeoning international movement and a new international industry in creation. Thanks to his former professional experience in medical phytotherapy and developing internationally successful consumer products, he recognized this was a unique opportunity to be seized upon. 

The lightbulb moment

On a Friday evening in January 2016 while discussing the legal applications of cannabis with a friend, Dr Francis Scanlan had his very own lightbulb moment and the idea for Cloud 9 Switzerland was born!

Inspired by what he had witnessed in Jamaica, Dr. Scanlan decided to found his health and wellness company to promote premium hemp for a more sustainable and natural approach to life. His broad professional knowledge meant he was in an ideal position to start his own company.

The goal of Cloud 9 is to provide the global market with value-added consumer health products created through a scientific approach respecting the fundamentals of Quality, Safety and Regulatory Compliance. Dr. Scanlan wanted to provide consumers with sustainably and ethically produced products to improve their overall Quality of Life.

Cloud 9’s foundations

Cloud 9 has placed considerable emphasis on doing things right the first time. Part of that approach has been to lay a strong scientific foundation through establishing relations with leading Universities, participating in trade and industry associations and active collaborations with institutes such as the Caribbean Institute of Pharmacy  Policy, Practice, and Research at the University of Technology Kingston Jamaica or the French Society of Ethnopharmacology in Metz France.

Cloud 9 is also part of the International Association of Cannabinoid Medicines (IACM), the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) and the Swiss Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences (SAPhS), the Swiss Association of Medical Phytotherapy and recently through its french subsidiary with UIVEC the French Union of Industries for the Valorisation of Hemp Extracts. This way, Dr. Scanlan and his team can remain informed of the latest advances as they emerge.

About Cloud 9 Switzerland, Dr. Scanlan says:

“We are proud to play our small role in contributing to the potential of cannabis to be one of the most impactful societal changes for this and future generations.”

Introducing Cloud 9 Switzerland’s signature consumer health product: VIVA Healthy Hemp Swiss Chocolates

One of the most popular products to come to the burgeoning market is VIVA Swiss Chocolate using cold-pressed bio-organic hempseed oil and VIVA 50 Swiss Chocolate using broad spectrum hemp extract with 50mg CBD. VIVA Chocolates are Cloud 9’s premium product!

VIVA Swiss Chocolates can be viewed as the fruits of Dr. Scanlan’s exposure to the world of healthy hemp and its healthy benefits for consumers.

VIVA Swiss Chocolates

VIVA and VIVA 50 are premium dark chocolates made from Cocoa that is directly and sustainably sourced from farmers in Ghana, Ecuador and Colombia. Available in three mouth-watering flavours —Plain Dark, Orange & Ginger and Moringa & Mint— there’s a flavour for everyone.

What’s more, Cloud 9 is committed to providing customers with only the healthiest and most authentic dark chocolates, which is why VIVA Chocolates are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and non-GMO.

If you’re eager to hear more about Cloud 9 Switzerland’s mission, head to our about us page to find out more.


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