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Since the inception of Cloud 9 Switzerland in 2017, the company has invested a lot of time, energy and dedication in developing a solid knowledge and expertise leveraging its core strengths in product development, manufacturing and regulatory compliance. The company’s current products, including its flagship product – VIVA and VIVA 50 Healthy Hemp Swiss Chocolate Bars – are a prime example of the fruits of years of commitment to expert research and development formulated to help people all over the world benefit from what nature has to offer by enjoying the beneficial consumption of healthy hemp and botanicals.

Choosing our products is a choice that positively impacts and benefits many lives that are supported along the way: from the farmers who grow the hemp plants in Europe to cacao farmers in Colombia, Ecuador and Ghana and the master chocolate makers in Switzerland and finally to you, the conscious consumer. Choosing Cloud 9 Switzerland’s chocolates is choosing to enjoy a healthy life and living it to the fullest!

How Cloud 9 Switzerland was born and how it has evolved

A late Friday afternoon in January 2016 was when the founder had the lightbulb moment that gave birth to Cloud 9 Switzerland in July 2017. At that time the founder lived in Jamaica and witnessed the change in Jamaican legislation allowing the medical use of Cannabis and the personal cultivation and use. Cloud 9 Switzerland has evolved from a seed brimming with ideas and inspiration to creating natural consumer products – which include the company’s first flagship product – VIVA Healthy Hemp Premium Swiss Chocolates – to a separate activity in Cannabis based Pharmaceuticals in Jamaica
Our headquarters are located in Lugano and now has subsidiaries in Jamaica, France and a growing sales representation.

A pool of experts with over 60 years of professional experience working with companies like Nestlé, Unilever, Barry Callebaut, Campari and other world-renowned multinational food and beverage, flavor, water and phyto-pharma industries make up the team at present, led by the passionate dedication and drive of Dr.Francis Scanlan who envisions an enlightened future for all to have better health and wellbeing through naturally beneficial products and created with medicinal herbs, hemp and CBD.

About Our Products

A Tale of Two Chocolates

Hemp is an incredible plant offering multiple uses for food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and even construction materials. We focus on food and have created two types of hemp based Swiss chocolates. 

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We are members of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA), Swiss Society of Medical Phytotherapy, International Association for Cannabinoid Medicine (IACM), and the Swiss Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences (SAPHS).

Our french subsidiary, Cloud 9 France SAS, has become a member of the french hemp association UIVEC (“Union des Industriels pour la Valorisation des Extraits de chanvre” or “Union of industries for the valorization of hemp extracts”) Accueil | UIVEC.

Our inclusion in these respected organizations allows us to be constantly informed about the latest news and advances in hemp and medicinal plants. We are playing a small role in contributing to the potential of hemp/cannabis to impact societal change and we are proud of this. We aim to continue our mission in improving the health and wellbeing of all, while respecting and nurturing Mother Nature.

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